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Hank To Cone Winding Machine

- Oct 24, 2018 -

FHJM-A straight precision cone to cone and hank to cone winding machine is a series of winder series produced by FEIHU textile machinery company. It is suitable for all kinds of raw materials such as silk, hemp, yarn, etc. cylinder. this machine has high characteristics productivity, low loss, low noise, long life, stable performance.


1) The model has a single spindle single control of the basic functions of the external use of a positive winding yarn winding bobbin clamp;

2) Winding constant line speed;

3) Oil-immersed shuttle box;

4) Oil stick refueling speed 5 - 20 rev / min adjustable;

5) With a soft edge device and edge function;

6) Yarn tension dynamic adjustment;

7) Drum yarn and friction stick constant pressure contact;

8) Main motor speed and roller motor speed step less adjustable;

9) Controlled color screen control and other characteristics and technologies, the appearance of the package is beautiful and the texture is delicate.

This model is an ideal choice for high-quality manufacturer of packaged yarn.



Using centralized control, Individual management

Using DC brush motor, more power saving

Using computer control, Broken yarn stopped , Metering function

Using Soft startLess losseasy to use.

Using mechanical anti-stackSoft edgeMake bobbin more uniform

Using Lubricating oil, The noise is lower, Accessories long service life

Adjustable forming length, Shoulder angle and tension control