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Thread Weight Conversion Table

- Jul 14, 2018 -

Thread weight conversion table

Converting FromConverting ToMethod
WeightDenier9000 / weight
WeightTex1000 / weight
DenierWeight9000 / denier
DenierTexdenier / 9
TexDeniertex x 9
TexWeight1000 / tex

For example: 40 weight = 225 denier = Tex 25. A common Tex number for general sewing thread is Tex 25 or Tex 30. A slightly heavier silk buttonhole thread suitable for bartacking, small leather items, and decorative seams might be Tex 40. A strong, durable upholstery thread, Tex 75. A heavy duty topstitching thread for coats, bags, and shoes, Tex 100. A very strong topstitching thread suitable for luggage and tarpaulins, Tex 265-Tex 290. But a fine serging thread, only Tex 13. For blindstitching and felling machines, an even finer Tex 8.