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Thread Material

- Jul 13, 2018 -

Thread material
CottonSpun traditional threadgeneral
Cotton/polyesterA cotton thread with a polyester core which is slightly stretchy but retains the traditional look of cottonstrength without sheen
FusibleFuses sewn fabrics together when ironedbinding and appliqué
LinenA spun thread, typically in a thicker gauge than that used for fabric garments. It may be waxed for durability and resistance to mildew.Traditional leather saddlery; leather luggage, handbags, and accessories; and beadwork.
MetallicsA delicate metallic coating protected by an outer coating providing extremely vibrant color/glitter and/or texture.decoration
NylonA transparent monofillament which can be melted by an iron. Nylon is usually stronger than polyester.strength with transparency
PolyesterA synthetic blend which is stronger and stretchier than cotton with little or no lint (may be texturized)strength
RayonMade from cellulose, but not considered to be a natural fibre because it is highly processed. Useful for obtaining bright colors, though not always color-fast.high sheen, soft texture
SilkA very fine, strong and hard-to-see thread; tends to degrade over time, however.high strength and often high sheen, used for attaching beads
WoolA thicker thread.homespun look, rougher texture, highly insulating, water absorbent
Water-solubleDissolves when washedtemporary basting