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The Maintenance Of The Twister Should Be Done As Such

- May 31, 2018 -

First, establish a good maintenance plan: In order to do a good job in maintenance of the twister, you need to specify the maintenance requirements in accordance with the equipment instructions, and the actual use of the equipment, to develop a specific maintenance plan, and in the plan's Reasonably arrange the frequency of regular maintenance and clear maintenance scope.

Second, keep clean when using the equipment everyday: The maintenance of the twister should be started from daily use. This is not to ask everyone to carry out various maintenance on each time they use the equipment, but to ask everyone When using the equipment on a daily basis, be careful to keep it clean. It is necessary to ensure that the equipment itself is always in a clean state and that the equipment is always used in a clean environment.

Afterwards, in accordance with the specific requirements of the maintenance plan, according to a reasonable frequency, a thorough inspection and comprehensive maintenance of the twister can ensure that the equipment is well maintained, can exhibit a stable operation effect, and achieve long-term Applications.