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Textile Winder Introduction

- May 31, 2018 -

A main unit in a chemical fiber spinning and combining unit; it means that in the melt spinning, the primary fiber (including filament or staple fiber tow, etc.) obtained in processing is given further supplementary processing, and The formation of a special package of special machinery.

Melt spun winders generally have the following four main components: the wet grease section, the stretch or guide wire section, the winding section and the electrical drag and control section. According to the different types of fibers processed, melt spinning winders include: filament winding machines, short fiber winding machines, and industrial wire winding machines; and in terms of filament winding machines, they can be divided into different types. It is a conventional winder (winding speed of 1000 to 2000 m/min), a high speed winder (3000 to 4000 m/min), and an ultra-high speed winder (5000 to 8000 m/min).