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Bobbin Winder

- Oct 24, 2018 -

FHTDTK-A Hank to cone winding machine is used to winding perfect yarn shape for nylon, polyester, wool yarn ,pp yarn, filament and many other special yarns.

Slub catcher, clean traveller and auto-waxing device are optional. The machine is hot sale in domestic and overseas.

The model is especially suitable for chemical fiber, yarn, rope skein such as state complex cylinder pipe, state.

1) With computer control system;

2) Individual spindle control;

3) Oil automatically come on;

4) Edge device;

5) Anti- -stack;

6) auto-stop of break yarn;

7) Fixed-length control;

8) Super feed wire;

9) Slow -starting with adjustable;

10) Yarn speed is adjustable;

11) Yarn tension-controlled device and other advanced technologies, to ensure the high quality of the machine.

Its characteristics:

1Across the line speed; 2A one -off form; 3even tension; 4forming beautiful.