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Automatic Winder Performance Features

- May 31, 2018 -

Applicable to the winding process of cotton, wool, fiber, pure spinning and blending, etc., to produce high quality knotless yarn.

Applicable fiber varieties: cotton, wool, chemical fiber and blends.

Applicable yarn types: single yarn, strands.

Joint method: Mechanical knotting, air splicing, mechanical boring, and wet and hot addition.

Automatic winder configuration includes: air splicer, mechanical splicer, electronic clearer, nickel alloy cast iron drum, mechanical anti-stack device, balance, shockproof, tension device, fixed length, sizing device, single spindle frequency conversion Speed control device; Waxing device; Integrated head monitoring system; Movable blowing and suction device.

The automatic winder has the advantages of high efficiency, high speed, high quality, stability, easy maintenance and excellent performance.