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Winding Machine Industry Will Face Test

- Jul 11, 2018 -

Winding Machine Industry Will Face Test

Winding machine industry standardization of the job facing new opportunities of development, also faced a serious challenge. Skills updating significantly accelerating, equipment, high precision, high speed, complex, intelligent and environmentally-friendly development. Make use convenient, accurate, convenient and attractive. Industry standardized jobs face high phase of rapid development, and five successive years of rapid development of China's winding equipment industry, standardization work has played an important role in focusing on energy saving and efficientcooperation with the use of industry to accelerate structure adjustment and transformation of development methods, instead of imported equipment in the field ofhigh-end market share.

On the road to normalization, we will have the following three basic conditions:

1. Understand and improve on existing mature, grasping the intentions of new skills.

2. Learn the basics of industry touches and the development of the industry.

3. Summarizing the talents, skill difficulty summaries and their respective merits.

Anyway, winding machinery industry standardization work in progress specificationlevel, progress, progress coverage specifications effectiveness efforts, gradually improve the industry standard system construction.