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What to pay attention to when operating the twister

- May 31, 2018 -

1. The machine must be able to take out each core in the machine from the tank when it is used as a raw part or part of the joint. The yarn and spandex parts must also be synchronized in the production process. Special attention should be paid to not The thread can be pulled directly out of the can for production. The unwinding position of the core must be ensured and the problem of less stock must be checked during production.

2. When the double twister is in a very serious situation with a doffing hook, it must be found by maintenance personnel and must not be continued in order to avoid further problems.

3. Workers should be careful not to cut the line directly on the twister. If there is a problem during the production process, the machine must be restarted and must be completely interrupted to re-process the raw material to avoid direct booting. Or check the position of the joint for any wrapped yarn. If there is any wrapped yarn, clean it in time.