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Three Speed Control Methods for Winding Equipment

- May 31, 2018 -

First, the speed of the AC motor

AC motor is our most common motor. This kind of motor has no speed regulation function. It needs to achieve speed control function through electromagnetic speed control device or install inverter. In the winding equipment, we often compare the inverter. In the speed control mode, the inverter is controlled by the control system of the winding equipment so that the motor has a speed regulation function, and this method also has a certain energy-saving effect.

Second, the speed of the DC motor

At present, our common DC motors have the following two kinds of DC brush and DC brushless. The DC motor needs to convert the power supply into DC to drive the motor. Therefore, the DC motor is equipped with a DC speed control board or brushless driver to drive the control. Motors, due to the small size of the motor, are used in small-sized winding equipment.

Third, servo drive motor speed control

Servo motor is only used in automatic winding machine in recent years. It belongs to precision moving parts and is suitable for high-precision winding equipment. It is used together with dedicated driver to realize closed-loop operation control. The biggest characteristic of this kind of motor is constant torque. , Closed-loop operation, used to meet the high-precision coil processing requirements.