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The Main Advantage Of Automatic Winding Machine

- Jul 11, 2018 -

The Main Advantage Of Automatic Winding Machine

Dec 08, 2016

We all used to be wound by hand, and the cost in time and efficiency is very low, and now AIT technology has developed an automated winding machines, to the efficiency of our production to improve a lot. Automatic winding machine to introducebelow what are its main advantages:

1. Can greatly reduce employee fatigue, improve work efficiency, saving tie.

2. The use of PLC program control, the text display parameter setting, operation issimple and convenient.

3. Winding length adjustment, winding number ring set, cable length, number of rings set, output counts can be carried out.

4. Suitable for AC power cable, DC power supply, video cable, USB data cable, HDMI high definition line, and other various types of transmission line using iron cores twisted into a bunch of plastic bags.

5. Staff simply put the wire on spools, trampling foot pedal automatic winding, themachine automatically winding line to the cable outlet, the machine automatically ties.