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Automatic winding machine weekly maintenance and inspection contents

- May 31, 2018 -

● Clean each nipple joint with compressed air and spray it with cleaning lubricant; check the joint strength of the splicer one by one, check whether the strength of yarn splicing reaches over 85% of the original yarn strength with the instrument; check and clear the yarn passage Part of the silk and fly flowers.

● Clean the detection area of the detector of the clearer, use compressed air to blow or scrape off the dirt with a plastic rod, and use absolute alcohol or pure gasoline as the cleaning agent to brush off the sticky dirt.

● Insert the plastic test stick into the monitoring area of the yarn clearer inspection head. The cutting holder of the winding spindle must perform the cutting action to check the operation of the yarn cleaning function of the electronic yarn clearer.

● Correct the distance between the large suction nozzle and the bobbin to keep it between 2 mm and 3 mm.

● Remove dust and fly from dust ducts, horn grilles and centrifugal fans to keep the channels open. Remove fly from the tension device to make it free; remove dust from the blower, centrifugal fan and tuyere, Maintain its air volume and cleanliness of the wind.

● Inspect all kinds of porcelain mouths, supplement missing and exchange damaged porcelain mouths in time; check the tension of suction motor belts; check whether the function of empty tube transporter mechanism is good, and deal with hanging back yarns; check if rotation of yarn library is normal , remove the grime dirt.